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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The world of fish is fascinating | fish.

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How are you all, today I am going to take you to the colorful world of fish? In which I will introduce you to different types of fish. So let's see


The world of fish is fascinating

There are several thousand distinct species of fish. Some of these are special species, which also have different and special habits. Let's know about some such special fish.

• Fastest toothed fish

The teeth of Piranhas of the genus Phigopristis are as sharp as the blade, this fish is the most dangerous fish. This fish is found in the rivers of South America.

• Fastest current fish -

Electric Ell

Electric eel fish flow 400-volt current, some fish of this species kill up to 650-volt current.

• The most poisonous fish 

stone fish

"Stonefish is the most poisonous fish on the planet.". It can die only by touching it. Its thorns or claws have a severe poison. This fish is found in the Pacific Ocean.

• 15 ton heavy fish

Whale sharks living in the sea are more than 45 feet long. It is found in warmer regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean. In 1949, the weight of a whale shark caught in Pakistan's Baba Island was 15 tons.

• Leopard-fish

A marine fish called Isteophorum platytes swims in water faster than a leopard. It swims at a speed of 100km / h.\

• fish playing with humans

The only dolphin among all fish is a fish that befriends and plays with humans. It mixes easily with the local people. It often plays with people swimming or boating in coastal areas.

• Fish that survive without water.

The life of fish in water. Normally, the fish are killed and they die after splashing for a while, but the eel is a fish that can easily walk on the ground. The journey of the egg is decided by walking on the ground. Its skin does the work of breathing. Mucus does not let its body dry. Usually, these fish decide their journey at night.

• blue-blooded fish

cuttle fish

Cuttlefish is a fish whose blood is blue, it is because where the blood of other animals is red due to hemoglobin, the blood of this fish contains hemocyanin, which makes the blood blue.

• 3 hearted fish

Cephalopause group of fish have 3 hearts. 2 gills have one other plant. Both the hearts near the gills send impure blood to the gills, from where this blood goes directly to the third heart. Then the whole body reaches from there.

• The lowest egg yielding fish

Among all species of fish, a fish called cichlid, found in Lake Takbabika in East Africa, lays at least 8 eggs at a time.

• 300 million eggs at a time

Among the fish, the highest number of eggs which lay eggs is Suraj Mola, which lays 30 million eggs at a time.

• Horsehead fish

You must have heard the name of a sea horse, but in reality, it is a type of fish, whose head is like a horse. Both its eyes work independently. Nature has given them a wonderful gift, there is a bag in the stomach of the male, in which the female lays eggs. Eggs are made in this bag itself.

• A fish that puts its eggs in the mouth.

A fish called catfish puts its eggs in the mouth. The special thing in this is that this work is not done by a female but a male Just as the female lays eggs and fertilizes, the male puts them in its mouth. The number of eggs is so high that its entire mouth is filled. And he does not eat anything for a whole month. When children come out of the egg. Then he receives food. Because of the danger, children float in their father's mouth for 15 days after birth. This fish is found in the Atlantic Sea on the eastern shore of America.

• Spit hunting fish

All fish have their own methods of hunting. The archer fish spit to hunt. Normally, its prey hangs on the sea plant. As she spits on her prey, they fall into the water and she quickly pounces on it and devours it. The mark of his spit is very accurate. This fish is found in India.

• Most deep-water fish

The fish, named Bassogoigus profundinimus, lives in a 27230-foot deep moat, it is more than 6 feet in size.

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