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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Special on the importance of fatherhood and the changing environment | Pitru Paksha

The importance of the ancestors coming to give the opportunity of repaying the
 ancestral debt in human life and on the changing environment.

Pitru paksha


There are three debts in human life, which are the ultimate religion of every person, in which Pitra loan is considered as Guru loan and Dev loan and without repaying them there is no welfare of man.

To repay the ancestral debt, a fortnight comes in the year called Pitrupaksha and all worship their ancestors like Baba Aaji Nana Nani by offering water to their fathers daily.

 It is believed that in this Pitrupaksha, worship of God and Goddess is not acceptable except for the ancestors, and those who do it, the worship of the ancestors turns into Archana. A friend of ours says that Pitrupaksha first started as a Chaumasay when Shishya Muni used to walk with the disciples in the population due to the lack of rescue in the jungle from the rainy season and farewell to him after the Chaumas had passed.

 At present, the tradition of worshiping the ancestors in Pitrupaksha by offering Archana pinda dan, etc. to give them farewell by shraddha is going on since ancient times. It is believed that the ancestors of all the people in Pitrupaksha leave their abode and come out of the village and encamp and we worship them by offering water to them and offer prayers Archana Pindadan Havan Shraddha etc. and on the last day of immersion they give many blessings and are happy They return to the Dham. Those who are not worshiped by offering water to the family of the ancestors, their ancestors curse the hungry thirsty birds. Feeling disrespected and insulted, the dead go back to their hearts.

Today is the last day of Pitrupaksha, but both the old ladies have been given leave tomorrow only because of the date of a defect. The importance of Pitrupaksha is described in the scriptures and in it, man gets the opportunity to pay the ancestral debt. It is said that Lord Rama started offering pinda dan to the ancestors at the request of Gayasur in Tretayuga which has become a tradition today.

At this time some people in Kali Yuga are treating their living elderly parents as a burden and a hindrance for not respecting them and obeying their son's religion. The person who is not able to honor his elders while he is alive, after worshiping Him, what will he worship and give water to them? The parents are considered to be the image of a direct God and devotee Shravan Kumar became immortal on the strength of the parents' service. The nature of fatherhood is changing with changing times and due to busyness, formalities are being completed.

 There are only a few people, who turn their heads and shave their beards and take saints and celibates and keep on doing their daily tasks every night except for the fathers, remembering their fathers.

On the Pitru Paksha, some people go out to visit their four abodes for the liberation of their ancestors by giving them pinda dan, while some people go to Pitrpaksha every time to offer pinda dan to their ancestors at places like Kashi Gaya Bhadarsa Ayodhya, etc. and return and perform Shraddha.

 Immediately after the end of Pitrupaksha, the worship of the mother power begins in the form of Archana Navaratri and on the last day of Navaratri, Lord Rama kills Mahaasura Ravana. To say the father's side ends, Manglik work begins.

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