Why did Lord Vishnu take the house of Devaki and Vasudev to Krishnavatar..?lord krishna |krishna - geniune knowledge

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Why did Lord Vishnu take the house of Devaki and Vasudev to Krishnavatar..?lord krishna |krishna

Lord Krishna Story: 
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Lord Krishna

At the time when Mata Devaki was first born in Swayambhuvamavanvantara, at that time she was named Prajapati and Vasudeva Sutapa. Both worshiped the gods for twelve thousand years by eating dried leaves and sometimes by drinking air with the desire to have children.

By suppressing the senses, they both endured various qualities of the period of rain, wind, sun, cold, etc. and washed their feces through pranayama. Pleased with his supreme penance, reverence and loving devotion, Srivishnu appeared before him to fulfill his desire and said to them both: 'Ask for whatever you wish.'

Then both of them asked for a son like Lord Shrihari. Lord Vishnu became enlightened by calling them as Aastastu.
After giving the groom, God did not see anyone like him in his qualities of modesty, temperament, generosity, etc. In such a situation, God thought that I had given him a bride that I would have a son like me, but I could not fulfill it; Because there is no one else in the world.

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If you are unable to fulfill the promise of giving something to someone, then one should be given three times as similar. Thinking of this, God himself decided to incarnate three times as the son of both of them.

Therefore, when God first became the son of both of them, at that time he became known as 'Pashnigarbha'.

In the second birth, Mata Parshini became 'Aditi' and Stupa became 'Kashyap'.
At that time he had sons in the form of God 'Vamana'.

Then both of them were born third in Dwapar. In this birth, the same Aditi became 'Devaki' and Kashyapa was 'Vasudevji' and to make his word come true, Lord Vishnu took #Srikrishnavatara as his son.

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