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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Life story of an Indian man today | indian man |Just like funny

There is a lot of worry, the country is in a bad state, going through a very difficult situation ……

Indian man

Go to the showroom of the trains, waiting on new models is going on, customers have to wait for 6-6 months!

Empty tables are not available in restaurants, a line is being seen in many restaurants!
The shopping mall does not have parking space so crowded.

The cinema halls are doing very well!
Many mobile companies have models out of stock, Apple is getting out of stock as soon as it is launched!

Even in the online shopping era, there is no place to set foot in the markets in the evening on a working day.

Things like daily jams arise!
The online shopping industry is on its boom !!!

But people are saying that due to the increase in Rupees 1 petrol has broken the waist of wool.
In my house, when the lights of purposeless light keep on burning, fan keeps on running, TV keeps on, then I have no problem but the cost of electricity
My conscience groans as soon as ten paise increases.

When my children sleep in a blanket by running AC at sixteen degrees centigrade, then I cannot speak anything but my mercury rises as the power rate increases.
I have no problem when my geyser is on round the clock, but my itching increases as the electricity rate increases.

When my workmate or household cookie wastes gas, my tongue does not move but gas
As soon as the price increases, my tongue becomes scissors.

Turning off the car engine at the red light, I do not live, I go by car two miles away from home, in the weekend I also drive ten and twenty kilometers meaninglessly, but if the price of petrol goes up by a rupee she goes .

One night I do not have trouble eating dinner of two thousand, but the parking fee of twenty rupees and fifty rupees very much.

Ten thousand shopping in the mall, I could not even save a rupee, but without bargaining with a green vegetable vendor, my food could not be digested.

I curse the government every day for my salary revision, but my BP increases as soon as I hear that my worker's salary is increased !!

Keep the house clean but do not hesitate to go out and spit in the train
When the price of onion increases, I start crying but I do politics quietly on the scam of millions.

I am a free citizen of a free country.
The government will change, but I cannot change myself. I am an Indian.


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