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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

These birds are rich in speed | bird| Types of birds

These birds are rich in speed.

Peregrine Falcon

peregrine falcon


Peregrine falcons (eagle species) are known to have the fastest speed in the world. According to an estimate, its speed is estimated to be around 300 km / h while diving steps. When the 6-year-old peregrine was examined, it was found that it was 16 inches in length and weighed 997.9 gm.

 Golden Eagle

golden eagle


The Golden Eagle is one of the largest birds in northern America. It can fly at a speed of 241km / h. Its wingspan is 2.3m and its length is up to 6cm. The dark brown color has white spots on its body. It weighs 3-6 kg. Their sharp beak is used for tearing.

Fallen falcon

The Gir Falcon is the fastest to dive and is famous for its long wings. Its length is about 20-24 inches. The Gir Falcon weight just 1.3 kg. No one can even know when the Falcon Falcon will fly its prey at 130 m/h.

White-throated needle tail

The number of white-throated needle tails is very less. It has a flying speed of 170km. "The special thing is that it lives in hollow groves and rocks." "It spends too much of its life in the sky"

Eurasian Hobby

"This eagle bird living in Africa is one of the fastest flying birds". But this bird goes to Britain during the winter season. It has a speed of about 100m / h. The long wings of the Eurasian hobby distinguish it from other birds.

Sper-winged goose

Sper winged goose is found in Africa. It is known for its calm nature. Its flying speed can be more than 88m / h. It weighs 4-6.8 kg and has a length of 115 cm.

Red-breasted merganser

 This bird of the duck species can be seen in the northern Atlantic. It measures 23 inches in length and weighs about 1.5km. It can run at speeds of 100m / h.

Frigate bird

types-of birds
frigate bird

Tall by 6-7 feet, this bird can fly large. It has a speed of 95 m / h and can fly for at least a week. "Where the female is white, the male is black and red", due to the beauty of its color, people like it very much Let's do it.

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