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Monday, September 30, 2019

What is reproductive control ?

reproductive system
female reproductive system 

When a spermatozoa in the human body stores an egg cell in a woman's body, that woman becomes pregnant. A baby grows inside her womb. If any man or woman wants to stop this process, then they can use reproductive control or contraceptive methods. Because of the rapidly increasing population of the country and the problems related to it, it has become very necessary to do reproductive control or family planning.

Contraceptive methods are used by couples who want to stop pregnancy. There are several methods to prevent pregnancy effectively. These methods can be divided into five classes as follows:

1. Natural Methods

2. Ways to obstruct

3. Intergenerational equipment

4. birth control pills

5. Sterilization

Natural Methods: 

One of the two natural methods of reproductive control is to reconcile with the safe period and the other is to break the intercourse. For women with 28-day regular menstruation, ovulation is a successful method of reproductive control, taking an estimated time of 10 days after the start of menstruation, 3 days before and 3 days later. But if a woman's menstrual period varies between 26 to 31 days and not from regular regularity, then she should stay away from sexual intercourse only from the 12th to the 18th day of the beginning of her cycle.

The second natural way is to break up sex. In this, sexual intercourse is prevented by the man before ejaculation during sexual intercourse. But the fear remains in the conception of this method.

Obstruction methods: 

Contraceptive methods of obstructing the sperm containing vital force are prevented from entering the vagina or before reaching the womb so that it cannot swim in the fallopian tube and cannot infect the ovum. These methods include the use of condoms by men, diaphragm by women, and the use of sexual chemical contraceptives. Condom use is a reliable method of contraception. This prevents sperm from entering the vagina. The diaphragm is also a very effective method of reproductive control. It does not allow sperm to reach the womb. The chemical contraceptives used in the vagina contain some creams and jellies that stagnate or destroy sperm.

3  Differential devices: 

Nearly infinite varieties of differential devices are available in different countries of the world. Such as Ring, Loop, Spiral, Coil, Dalarm Shield, and Copper T, etc. These devices are fitted by entering the entrance of the concept. There is a fear of bleeding, pain, and infection, etc. with the use of these devices.

birth control pills

Eating birth control pills contain birth control pills that prevent the egg from coming out of the ovum of the woman. In this way, the woman does not get pregnant. These pills contain estrogen and progesterone hormones. When one tablet is consumed for 21 days of the menstrual cycle, there is a high level of estrogen and progesterone hormones, which cannot cause ovulation and cannot conceive without ovulation.

5   Sterilization: 

It is an extremely effective and permanent method of contraception. Male or female sterilization can be done by any surgeon. In men, spermatozoa are prevented from coming out of the testes by performing surgery to cut and bind the sperms. In women, surgeons close the fallopian tubes to prevent the egg cells from reaching the uterus.

Children can be born as per their wish using various contraceptive measures, and the difference between two children can also be kept according to it.

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