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Thursday, September 26, 2019

What Is Contact Lenses ?

The contact lens is fitted above the eyeball, it is commonly used to correct vision defects. All those defects which are cured by normal glasses or others which are not cured by them are all cured with contact lenses.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses for the first time Were developed by A.E. Fick in 1887 to correct eye defects. Initially, these lenses were made by blowing the glass or grinding and polishing the bottom of the glass test tube. At first, these lenses were not successful and for a few days, they only remained a matter of discussion.

Finally, meaningful progress in this subject was made in 1938 when contact lenses made of plastic-like methyl methacrylate were developed. From 1938 to 1950, many contact lenses were made by making eye impressions and making mold. These lenses completely cover the vulva in front of the eye and for this, a liquid is used below them. After 1950 small lenses began to be prepared which covered only the cornea. They float on a fold of tears. There is no need to get an eye impression for this lens, as the cornea can be measured with instruments. The diameter of these lenses is usually 7 to 11 mm and its thickness is from 0.1 to 1 mm. These can be worn all day without removing them.

The eye is tested before fitting contact lenses. This test is done in the same way as before taking glasses. Then an instrument called Karat Meter is used to measure the pupil. Once the diameter and power of the lens are decided, the lens of this size and power is manufactured.

The plastic is cut into small pieces before making contact lenses. These pieces are made into button-shaped bullets. These are called bonnets. Then, with the help of machines, they are given the desired pills to give them different power.

The lens is then applied to the eye to see if it fits correctly. If correct, it is applied to the eye. After practice, this lens can be kept on the eyes continuously for 12 hours.

The contact lens mounted on the pupil is not visible to the other person. In addition to this property, it provides a much more detailed view than normal glasses. They prove to be very useful in sports as well because they neither lose nor break easily. They can also be made of very light color to avoid strong sunlight, but this does not work in eye diseases. They are more expensive and some people have difficulty in applying them.

Science has already found smaller and more flexible lenses. Since the early seventh decade, soft contact lenses have been made from hydroxyethyl-methacrylate, which are relatively more comfortable to wear.

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