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Friday, October 11, 2019

Statue of liberty

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france , us
statue of liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. It was gifted to America in 1886 by France. It is also a symbol of friendship between America and France. Originally the statue of Statue of Liberty is made of copper. It is located on Liberty Island in New York City in the US. There is a magnificent garden around this statue.

While the United States was celebrating its century of independence, representatives of its friendly country offered the Statue of Liberty as a gift. It was a symbolic symbol of freedom. But it is said that America did not fully say yes to take it. At that time it was expected to cost about one lakh dollars. France was going to make it and give it to America. It was made by the French sculptor Friedrich August Bartholdi. The work of making it was started, but it had to be stopped in the middle. Then its construction remained closed for a long time.

For a long time, the remains of this idol remained in u. Some portions were kept in fairs and exhibitions to be held here.

But after that Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of a magazine New York World, took a new initiative to complete this incomplete construction. He established a public fund. Any person could deposit money in this fund. In this, several millions of dollars were deposited in a few days. After this the construction work started. At that time, about two and a half million dollars was spent in its construction. The Statue was brought into the ship with 214 boxes sealed in its parts.

In the US it was established on an island called Bedlodge. It was later renamed Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty is a statue of a clothed woman. This woman represents the Roman goddess Libertas. It is holding a torch in one hand and a book in the other.
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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why only six balls in one over of cricket ?| cricket | cricket history

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Cricket-ICC , ICC
Cricket -history 
The truth is that since 1979–80 in international cricket, the standard over the six-ball trend started in the whole world. Before that, there were four, five and eight ball overs at different times and in different countries. In England till 1889, there was an over of four balls. After that, by 1880, the five-ball over was over. This was followed by a six-ball over in 1900. In the initial years, Australia also had a four-ball over. After this, when there was a six-ball over in England, there was also a six-ball over. From the season of 1922-23, Australia decided to do an eight-ball over.

Seeing Australia, England also used eight ball overs in their domestic cricket in 1939 for two years. After this, World War started. When the regular cricket season started in England, the return of six balls started. An eight-ball over was played in South Africa in 1938–1939 and again in 1957– 1958. Similarly, Pakistan had eight-ball overs in 1974–1975 and 1977–78.

The reason for reducing and increasing the number of balls is not found in the documents. It is estimated that the four-ball overlooked very short. In an attempt to make him something bigger, this number reached eight. International cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which was founded in 1909 by representatives from England, Australia, and South Africa. Its name at that time was the Imperial Cricket Conference. In 1965, its name was International Cricket Conference, then in 1989 became International Cricket Council.

The format of this game changed continuously in the history of more than two hundred years of cricket. At no time were the days of Test matches fixed. All countries were not even considered fit to play Test matches. Although India became the first cricket club in 1792, it got the status of Test cricket in 1932 when it played its first Test match with England in Lodgers. The Indian team which got the status of Test cricket was the sixth team in the world. Prior to this, teams from England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, and New Zealand had this status. Today, ten teams have the status of playing tests in the world.

Although the ICC operates international cricket, the cricket rules are copyrighted by the Marilybourne Cricket Club (MCC). The MCC is a private club, but until recently the team going out of England used to go by the name of MCC. During the 1996–97 tour of New Zealand, the England team wore MCC colors for the last time. However, in the international system of cricket, the rules are called MCC. In 1788, MCC created the first code of cricket. Subsequently, the codes were amended in 1835, 1884, 1947, 1980, 1992 and 2000.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The world of fish is fascinating | fish.

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hello friends,
How are you all, today I am going to take you to the colorful world of fish? In which I will introduce you to different types of fish. So let's see


The world of fish is fascinating

There are several thousand distinct species of fish. Some of these are special species, which also have different and special habits. Let's know about some such special fish.

• Fastest toothed fish

The teeth of Piranhas of the genus Phigopristis are as sharp as the blade, this fish is the most dangerous fish. This fish is found in the rivers of South America.

• Fastest current fish -

Electric Ell

Electric eel fish flow 400-volt current, some fish of this species kill up to 650-volt current.

• The most poisonous fish 

stone fish

"Stonefish is the most poisonous fish on the planet.". It can die only by touching it. Its thorns or claws have a severe poison. This fish is found in the Pacific Ocean.

• 15 ton heavy fish

Whale sharks living in the sea are more than 45 feet long. It is found in warmer regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean. In 1949, the weight of a whale shark caught in Pakistan's Baba Island was 15 tons.

• Leopard-fish

A marine fish called Isteophorum platytes swims in water faster than a leopard. It swims at a speed of 100km / h.\

• fish playing with humans

The only dolphin among all fish is a fish that befriends and plays with humans. It mixes easily with the local people. It often plays with people swimming or boating in coastal areas.

• Fish that survive without water.

The life of fish in water. Normally, the fish are killed and they die after splashing for a while, but the eel is a fish that can easily walk on the ground. The journey of the egg is decided by walking on the ground. Its skin does the work of breathing. Mucus does not let its body dry. Usually, these fish decide their journey at night.

• blue-blooded fish

cuttle fish

Cuttlefish is a fish whose blood is blue, it is because where the blood of other animals is red due to hemoglobin, the blood of this fish contains hemocyanin, which makes the blood blue.

• 3 hearted fish

Cephalopause group of fish have 3 hearts. 2 gills have one other plant. Both the hearts near the gills send impure blood to the gills, from where this blood goes directly to the third heart. Then the whole body reaches from there.

• The lowest egg yielding fish

Among all species of fish, a fish called cichlid, found in Lake Takbabika in East Africa, lays at least 8 eggs at a time.

• 300 million eggs at a time

Among the fish, the highest number of eggs which lay eggs is Suraj Mola, which lays 30 million eggs at a time.

• Horsehead fish

You must have heard the name of a sea horse, but in reality, it is a type of fish, whose head is like a horse. Both its eyes work independently. Nature has given them a wonderful gift, there is a bag in the stomach of the male, in which the female lays eggs. Eggs are made in this bag itself.

• A fish that puts its eggs in the mouth.

A fish called catfish puts its eggs in the mouth. The special thing in this is that this work is not done by a female but a male Just as the female lays eggs and fertilizes, the male puts them in its mouth. The number of eggs is so high that its entire mouth is filled. And he does not eat anything for a whole month. When children come out of the egg. Then he receives food. Because of the danger, children float in their father's mouth for 15 days after birth. This fish is found in the Atlantic Sea on the eastern shore of America.

• Spit hunting fish

All fish have their own methods of hunting. The archer fish spit to hunt. Normally, its prey hangs on the sea plant. As she spits on her prey, they fall into the water and she quickly pounces on it and devours it. The mark of his spit is very accurate. This fish is found in India.

• Most deep-water fish

The fish, named Bassogoigus profundinimus, lives in a 27230-foot deep moat, it is more than 6 feet in size.

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Monday, September 30, 2019

What is reproductive control ?

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reproductive system
female reproductive system 

When a spermatozoa in the human body stores an egg cell in a woman's body, that woman becomes pregnant. A baby grows inside her womb. If any man or woman wants to stop this process, then they can use reproductive control or contraceptive methods. Because of the rapidly increasing population of the country and the problems related to it, it has become very necessary to do reproductive control or family planning.

Contraceptive methods are used by couples who want to stop pregnancy. There are several methods to prevent pregnancy effectively. These methods can be divided into five classes as follows:

1. Natural Methods

2. Ways to obstruct

3. Intergenerational equipment

4. birth control pills

5. Sterilization

Natural Methods: 

One of the two natural methods of reproductive control is to reconcile with the safe period and the other is to break the intercourse. For women with 28-day regular menstruation, ovulation is a successful method of reproductive control, taking an estimated time of 10 days after the start of menstruation, 3 days before and 3 days later. But if a woman's menstrual period varies between 26 to 31 days and not from regular regularity, then she should stay away from sexual intercourse only from the 12th to the 18th day of the beginning of her cycle.

The second natural way is to break up sex. In this, sexual intercourse is prevented by the man before ejaculation during sexual intercourse. But the fear remains in the conception of this method.

Obstruction methods: 

Contraceptive methods of obstructing the sperm containing vital force are prevented from entering the vagina or before reaching the womb so that it cannot swim in the fallopian tube and cannot infect the ovum. These methods include the use of condoms by men, diaphragm by women, and the use of sexual chemical contraceptives. Condom use is a reliable method of contraception. This prevents sperm from entering the vagina. The diaphragm is also a very effective method of reproductive control. It does not allow sperm to reach the womb. The chemical contraceptives used in the vagina contain some creams and jellies that stagnate or destroy sperm.

3  Differential devices: 

Nearly infinite varieties of differential devices are available in different countries of the world. Such as Ring, Loop, Spiral, Coil, Dalarm Shield, and Copper T, etc. These devices are fitted by entering the entrance of the concept. There is a fear of bleeding, pain, and infection, etc. with the use of these devices.

birth control pills

Eating birth control pills contain birth control pills that prevent the egg from coming out of the ovum of the woman. In this way, the woman does not get pregnant. These pills contain estrogen and progesterone hormones. When one tablet is consumed for 21 days of the menstrual cycle, there is a high level of estrogen and progesterone hormones, which cannot cause ovulation and cannot conceive without ovulation.

5   Sterilization: 

It is an extremely effective and permanent method of contraception. Male or female sterilization can be done by any surgeon. In men, spermatozoa are prevented from coming out of the testes by performing surgery to cut and bind the sperms. In women, surgeons close the fallopian tubes to prevent the egg cells from reaching the uterus.

Children can be born as per their wish using various contraceptive measures, and the difference between two children can also be kept according to it.
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Thursday, September 26, 2019

What Is Contact Lenses ?

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The contact lens is fitted above the eyeball, it is commonly used to correct vision defects. All those defects which are cured by normal glasses or others which are not cured by them are all cured with contact lenses.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses for the first time Were developed by A.E. Fick in 1887 to correct eye defects. Initially, these lenses were made by blowing the glass or grinding and polishing the bottom of the glass test tube. At first, these lenses were not successful and for a few days, they only remained a matter of discussion.

Finally, meaningful progress in this subject was made in 1938 when contact lenses made of plastic-like methyl methacrylate were developed. From 1938 to 1950, many contact lenses were made by making eye impressions and making mold. These lenses completely cover the vulva in front of the eye and for this, a liquid is used below them. After 1950 small lenses began to be prepared which covered only the cornea. They float on a fold of tears. There is no need to get an eye impression for this lens, as the cornea can be measured with instruments. The diameter of these lenses is usually 7 to 11 mm and its thickness is from 0.1 to 1 mm. These can be worn all day without removing them.

The eye is tested before fitting contact lenses. This test is done in the same way as before taking glasses. Then an instrument called Karat Meter is used to measure the pupil. Once the diameter and power of the lens are decided, the lens of this size and power is manufactured.

The plastic is cut into small pieces before making contact lenses. These pieces are made into button-shaped bullets. These are called bonnets. Then, with the help of machines, they are given the desired pills to give them different power.

The lens is then applied to the eye to see if it fits correctly. If correct, it is applied to the eye. After practice, this lens can be kept on the eyes continuously for 12 hours.

The contact lens mounted on the pupil is not visible to the other person. In addition to this property, it provides a much more detailed view than normal glasses. They prove to be very useful in sports as well because they neither lose nor break easily. They can also be made of very light color to avoid strong sunlight, but this does not work in eye diseases. They are more expensive and some people have difficulty in applying them.

Science has already found smaller and more flexible lenses. Since the early seventh decade, soft contact lenses have been made from hydroxyethyl-methacrylate, which are relatively more comfortable to wear.

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Life story of an Indian man today | indian man |Just like funny

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There is a lot of worry, the country is in a bad state, going through a very difficult situation ……

Indian man

Go to the showroom of the trains, waiting on new models is going on, customers have to wait for 6-6 months!

Empty tables are not available in restaurants, a line is being seen in many restaurants!
The shopping mall does not have parking space so crowded.

The cinema halls are doing very well!
Many mobile companies have models out of stock, Apple is getting out of stock as soon as it is launched!

Even in the online shopping era, there is no place to set foot in the markets in the evening on a working day.

Things like daily jams arise!
The online shopping industry is on its boom !!!

But people are saying that due to the increase in Rupees 1 petrol has broken the waist of wool.
In my house, when the lights of purposeless light keep on burning, fan keeps on running, TV keeps on, then I have no problem but the cost of electricity
My conscience groans as soon as ten paise increases.

When my children sleep in a blanket by running AC at sixteen degrees centigrade, then I cannot speak anything but my mercury rises as the power rate increases.
I have no problem when my geyser is on round the clock, but my itching increases as the electricity rate increases.

When my workmate or household cookie wastes gas, my tongue does not move but gas
As soon as the price increases, my tongue becomes scissors.

Turning off the car engine at the red light, I do not live, I go by car two miles away from home, in the weekend I also drive ten and twenty kilometers meaninglessly, but if the price of petrol goes up by a rupee she goes .

One night I do not have trouble eating dinner of two thousand, but the parking fee of twenty rupees and fifty rupees very much.

Ten thousand shopping in the mall, I could not even save a rupee, but without bargaining with a green vegetable vendor, my food could not be digested.

I curse the government every day for my salary revision, but my BP increases as soon as I hear that my worker's salary is increased !!

Keep the house clean but do not hesitate to go out and spit in the train
When the price of onion increases, I start crying but I do politics quietly on the scam of millions.

I am a free citizen of a free country.
The government will change, but I cannot change myself. I am an Indian.

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Special on the importance of fatherhood and the changing environment | Pitru Paksha

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The importance of the ancestors coming to give the opportunity of repaying the
 ancestral debt in human life and on the changing environment.

Pitru paksha


There are three debts in human life, which are the ultimate religion of every person, in which Pitra loan is considered as Guru loan and Dev loan and without repaying them there is no welfare of man.

To repay the ancestral debt, a fortnight comes in the year called Pitrupaksha and all worship their ancestors like Baba Aaji Nana Nani by offering water to their fathers daily.

 It is believed that in this Pitrupaksha, worship of God and Goddess is not acceptable except for the ancestors, and those who do it, the worship of the ancestors turns into Archana. A friend of ours says that Pitrupaksha first started as a Chaumasay when Shishya Muni used to walk with the disciples in the population due to the lack of rescue in the jungle from the rainy season and farewell to him after the Chaumas had passed.

 At present, the tradition of worshiping the ancestors in Pitrupaksha by offering Archana pinda dan, etc. to give them farewell by shraddha is going on since ancient times. It is believed that the ancestors of all the people in Pitrupaksha leave their abode and come out of the village and encamp and we worship them by offering water to them and offer prayers Archana Pindadan Havan Shraddha etc. and on the last day of immersion they give many blessings and are happy They return to the Dham. Those who are not worshiped by offering water to the family of the ancestors, their ancestors curse the hungry thirsty birds. Feeling disrespected and insulted, the dead go back to their hearts.

Today is the last day of Pitrupaksha, but both the old ladies have been given leave tomorrow only because of the date of a defect. The importance of Pitrupaksha is described in the scriptures and in it, man gets the opportunity to pay the ancestral debt. It is said that Lord Rama started offering pinda dan to the ancestors at the request of Gayasur in Tretayuga which has become a tradition today.

At this time some people in Kali Yuga are treating their living elderly parents as a burden and a hindrance for not respecting them and obeying their son's religion. The person who is not able to honor his elders while he is alive, after worshiping Him, what will he worship and give water to them? The parents are considered to be the image of a direct God and devotee Shravan Kumar became immortal on the strength of the parents' service. The nature of fatherhood is changing with changing times and due to busyness, formalities are being completed.

 There are only a few people, who turn their heads and shave their beards and take saints and celibates and keep on doing their daily tasks every night except for the fathers, remembering their fathers.

On the Pitru Paksha, some people go out to visit their four abodes for the liberation of their ancestors by giving them pinda dan, while some people go to Pitrpaksha every time to offer pinda dan to their ancestors at places like Kashi Gaya Bhadarsa Ayodhya, etc. and return and perform Shraddha.

 Immediately after the end of Pitrupaksha, the worship of the mother power begins in the form of Archana Navaratri and on the last day of Navaratri, Lord Rama kills Mahaasura Ravana. To say the father's side ends, Manglik work begins.

Thank you
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Why did Lord Vishnu take the house of Devaki and Vasudev to Krishnavatar..?lord krishna |krishna

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Lord Krishna Story: 
krishna , krishna images
Lord Krishna

At the time when Mata Devaki was first born in Swayambhuvamavanvantara, at that time she was named Prajapati and Vasudeva Sutapa. Both worshiped the gods for twelve thousand years by eating dried leaves and sometimes by drinking air with the desire to have children.

By suppressing the senses, they both endured various qualities of the period of rain, wind, sun, cold, etc. and washed their feces through pranayama. Pleased with his supreme penance, reverence and loving devotion, Srivishnu appeared before him to fulfill his desire and said to them both: 'Ask for whatever you wish.'

Then both of them asked for a son like Lord Shrihari. Lord Vishnu became enlightened by calling them as Aastastu.
After giving the groom, God did not see anyone like him in his qualities of modesty, temperament, generosity, etc. In such a situation, God thought that I had given him a bride that I would have a son like me, but I could not fulfill it; Because there is no one else in the world.

lord-krishna , krishna-images

If you are unable to fulfill the promise of giving something to someone, then one should be given three times as similar. Thinking of this, God himself decided to incarnate three times as the son of both of them.

Therefore, when God first became the son of both of them, at that time he became known as 'Pashnigarbha'.

In the second birth, Mata Parshini became 'Aditi' and Stupa became 'Kashyap'.
At that time he had sons in the form of God 'Vamana'.

Then both of them were born third in Dwapar. In this birth, the same Aditi became 'Devaki' and Kashyapa was 'Vasudevji' and to make his word come true, Lord Vishnu took #Srikrishnavatara as his son.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

These birds are rich in speed | bird| Types of birds

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These birds are rich in speed.

Peregrine Falcon

peregrine falcon


Peregrine falcons (eagle species) are known to have the fastest speed in the world. According to an estimate, its speed is estimated to be around 300 km / h while diving steps. When the 6-year-old peregrine was examined, it was found that it was 16 inches in length and weighed 997.9 gm.

 Golden Eagle

golden eagle


The Golden Eagle is one of the largest birds in northern America. It can fly at a speed of 241km / h. Its wingspan is 2.3m and its length is up to 6cm. The dark brown color has white spots on its body. It weighs 3-6 kg. Their sharp beak is used for tearing.

Fallen falcon

The Gir Falcon is the fastest to dive and is famous for its long wings. Its length is about 20-24 inches. The Gir Falcon weight just 1.3 kg. No one can even know when the Falcon Falcon will fly its prey at 130 m/h.

White-throated needle tail

The number of white-throated needle tails is very less. It has a flying speed of 170km. "The special thing is that it lives in hollow groves and rocks." "It spends too much of its life in the sky"

Eurasian Hobby

"This eagle bird living in Africa is one of the fastest flying birds". But this bird goes to Britain during the winter season. It has a speed of about 100m / h. The long wings of the Eurasian hobby distinguish it from other birds.

Sper-winged goose

Sper winged goose is found in Africa. It is known for its calm nature. Its flying speed can be more than 88m / h. It weighs 4-6.8 kg and has a length of 115 cm.

Red-breasted merganser

 This bird of the duck species can be seen in the northern Atlantic. It measures 23 inches in length and weighs about 1.5km. It can run at speeds of 100m / h.

Frigate bird

types-of birds
frigate bird

Tall by 6-7 feet, this bird can fly large. It has a speed of 95 m / h and can fly for at least a week. "Where the female is white, the male is black and red", due to the beauty of its color, people like it very much Let's do it.

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